Safety has always been the top priority at Fisher Contracting Corporation. Our safety efforts are proven with an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) that is consistently better than the industry’s 1.0 average.

All of our field managers, supervisory foremen, and field personnel have completed the construction safety training course under the regulations enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Equipment operators, and other specialists are required to be certified in their field of expertise, and all Fisher Contracting employees have the opportunity to take additional courses and receive certifications.

A reputable, effective safety training program translates into reliable and efficient performances on the job site. Not only does this result in increased productivity, but it also builds confidence and fosters a sense of team work. At Fisher Contracting Corporation, safety comes first.

Fisher Contracting assures its employees are aware of current trends and policies regarding health and safety within the industry.